Meet Danny Carper

After becoming disillusioned by the architecture profession's formalities and exclusivity, Danny brought his skills designing precise and artisanal objects to the world of skateboarding. After being inspired by the free-mingling of industries, Danny makes skateboards for Loaded Boards and Orangatang Wheels in Culver City, California, designing and building the one-to-one scale objects he loves using himself.

Danny finds a great deal of satisfaction seeing a project through from start to finish. Danny practices the art of 'Essentialism' and readily admits to not being overly proud. He reflects on his learnings, and applies his characteristics to the next project, when applicable.


Like a true Blacksmith, Danny has been influenced by true Artisans. He specifically credits his father, who instilled in him not to waste time on things that he wasn't going to dedicate his whole self to. Also, his grandfather for his commitment to building on heritage. Truly "Iron Sharpening Iron."

He also found commitment and persistence by participating in team sports. He enjoys the arts and philosophy for its subjectivity and appreciates things that take time to develop like architecture and personal relationships.

Danny also credits and thanks his wife, Mya for allowing him to see clearly. He appreciates his friends, whom he holds close for their irreverence and support.


Danny sees himself as Artistic, Methodical and a calculated Risk Taker. When asked where he sees himself in 5 years, he stated, "To be a better version of me."

The Blacksmith's Hearth is the floor of the Blacksmith's Forge that the fire is built upon. The Blacksmith's Forge is the structure that holds the hearth and the fire. It allows the Smith to soften the metal, making it soft. The Varnish is the finishing touch. It gives the forged, caster, hardened, and cooled metal an added sheen.

Danny takes care of his beard with this same regiment. He grooms his beard with Hearth-Coconut Beard Wash, and follows up with Forge-Coconut Beard Conditioner, and finishes with Varnish-Carrot Seed Beard Oil to add sheen.


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Loaded Boards

Orangatang Wheels

Danny's Picks

Heard Beard Wash

Beard Wash

Alloy Carrot Seed Bar

Carrot Seed Bar

Varnish Carrot Seed Beard Oil

Carrot Seed Beard Oil

BSGC Water Bottle

Water Bottle

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