Meet David Paul Randall

David Paul Randall has come full circle in the Los Angeles area. Originally from Los Angeles, then reared in the High Desert Community of Victorville, Ca., David found himself being a normal African-American kid living in Southern California with an exceptional gift of playing ice hockey!

Describing himself as a "City-Guy" with enormous drive and determination, David made his way back to the glistening lights of Los Angeles with aspirations and goals he felt couldn't be fulfilled in the High Desert.

With unclear dreams, David knew he wanted to be a part of something bigger than he could previously imagine. He started working as an 'extra' in the film industry on a day-to-day basis, sometimes working 12-14 hour days.

David said, "I wasn't doing the work to become a star or chase the money, but I was fascinated to see how the production of film actually happened." He started to mimic the attributes of the actors, producers and directors. He was attacking the industry from a different angle!

Due to David's calculated approach, artistic talent, infectious smile and friendly demeanor, it was just a matter of time before someone noticed. On set, a high profile celebrity introduced David to a manager and David was on his way!

David's influences are his mother (who died when David was 15 years old) and his father, who is forever active in his life. David credits them most for keeping him on the right path. With David's high energy, dedication, ideas, and willingness to put the work in to succeed; the skys the limit for this young Blacksmith.

David fully expects to be on top of his game as time progresses. He will produce his first film within the year and expects to be featured at the Sundance Film Festival soon.

With a similar approach to a Blacksmith, David starts his day using Blank-Herbal Deep Cleanser and Vis-Herbal Facial Moisturizer.He pushes forward through his day, watching and learning by using an optimistic approach. During his day, he sometimes needs to re-group or Temper his accomplishments. During those days of intense work and workouts, David uses Firescale to relax his muscles and ease the pain; which allows him to move onward towards his ultimate goal.

David's Favorites

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Temper Woodsman


Blank Herbal Deep Cleanser

Herbal Deep Cleanser

Vis Herbal Moisturizer

Herbal Face Moisturizer

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